Positively Angela
I live by the LAWS of Creation. These LAWS are evident all around us. The most popular being: We reap what we sow (Correspondence) For every action is a reaction (Cause & Effect) To get the best out of life: Learn / Memorize the LAWS Recognize the LAWS in daily life Utilize the LAWS to get the abundance of life. For questions and coaching you can reach out to me here.
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November 17
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We want to change our lives, right? It's time to most past the hearing of the word and start applying the word. Test your deliberate manifestation skills. Show yourself what you're capable of doing. This video teaches a simple manifestation technique inspired by Neville Goddard.

***This meditation does not replace the advice of your doctor. Please consult with your physician*** This meditation should only be used at bedtime. It is inspired by the writings of Joseph Murphy as it is in line with the LAWS of Creation. Teaching us that we are what we believe ourselves to be. Much Love to you all🙏🏽🌸

A short and easy exercise to help us control our mental activity.


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