3 Making Money Tips: How to use your feed and post to get make the most $$$

1. Its a GOOD idea to have a free post in between some premium posts - This gives supporters an idea of what they will be seeing when subscribing, otherwise they just see locked posts and that won't get their whistles wet!
(maybe one free post after 10 or 20 paid posts? what ever you decide!)

If you don't want to offer any free posts then I would strongly suggest writing good text with the posts so they can still get a good feel for your content.

2. Free vs Paid Posts
you will see a little lock icon at the bottom of your posts. By default its set to Locked with a yellow/orange looking lock pad.. This means no one besides you can see that post unless they have subscribed/paid to have access to your posts!
To post for free, CLICK THE LOCK BUTTON and it will turn green unlocking the post so that it becomes visible for free!

3. Tip Button
You would be surprised how generous supporters can be so don't be afraid to post free content that could be entertaining or even helpful and encourage tipping.. this could make you more than subscriptions!!

For example you might have a post that helps sooth anxiety or is highly funny or even a workout video and it really benefits someone, well they might tip you $20 just to thank you!
*I've seen tips as high as $500 happen and while they may not be regular, they do happen!*