The Mission

Affordable entertainment and help for supporters while creating extra income and even a career for content creators at the same time! (please take the time to read the full page)
During Covid I spent thousands of dollars, literally THOUSANDS of dollars on creators content online from all price ranges.. The least being $35 and the most being near $1000 and I did this with LOA coaching, this "masterclass" and that "masterclass" and even with tutorials, $400 subscriptions to Gaia, $125 how to videos and the list goes on.

What I discovered is there is a lot of price gouging for content that quite frankly is not worth the money.. Much of the content regardless of the topic of genre is all repetitive with the only difference being the creators tone. Often times you are left feeling short changed because its simply not worth what is charged - But when you are trying to self-sooth and entertain yourself with a shut down world, I guess you will pay anything for relief and some kind of fun.

So I quit buying 90% content and found that the free stuff really wasn't that much different. I discovered that I actually don't want to support my favourite content creators anymore because they are charging the highest and most not delivering the quality of that price.. It's covid and not a single deal was given so that's a one way street that began to become too expensive!

Being in the business of content creation myself for roughly 15 years and have personal connections with the biggest content creator sites around, I discovered several years ago that inexpensive content that is very affordable to all is the best way to sell content. That's how the top creators get rich!

After Covid I was on both sides of the fence, creating content and being a buyer/supporter and it gave me a whole new perspective and add that with hearing enough friends ask how to make more money.. was born!

Supporters were in mind as much as content creators when developing the concept for this website -  I wanted to give people away to self-sooth and entertain themselves in away that would foster VERY AFFORDABLE long purchases which would benefit the creators as well.
There's a tip button for those who can and want to be more financially supportive of their favourite creators but that is not the focal point.

In fact I want women AND men to purchase women and mens content, I want anyone to be able to subscribe to a handful of creators and have as much unique entertainment as they want or need, especially during Covid!